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Laura Thede- Actors For Lunch

Laura Thede: Theatrical Talent Agent

Working with casting directors, why actors get dropped and how pilot season is different

I’ve been working with talent agent Laura Thede of DDO Artists Agency for several years now. As head of the DDO Kids division, Laura has worked undeniably hard at growing her department and cementing a strong reputation for the ever-expanding DDO name. She clearly loves her job and the enthusiasm is contagious. Actors signed to Laura get the love and attention that is rare in this industry, and although I work with many talent agents, the email chains involving DDO Kids may or may not be my favorite. Finally, amongst pilot season craziness, Laura and I found the time to grab some Sunday brunch to catch up on everything Hollywood. The conversation went a little something like this…

Actors For Lunch


As a talent manager in Los Angeles, my calendar is full of scheduled lunches with every type of person in the Hollywood industry. We eat (mostly) good food and talk about actors–and perhaps, a few other things, too. Join me in reading about some of the people I meet with, what we talk about, and of course, what we eat. But before we dig into my life over lunch, I’d like to share my life in a day. Perhaps mostly for my friends and family (whom I’m not sure fully understand what I do), I’d like to introduce…