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Laurie Records: Commercial Casting Director

How to become a casting director favorite, what to prepare for a commercial audition and why some agents get all the appointments

I’ve always been fascinated with the commercial world because while most actors come to Los Angeles to pursue work in film and television, many get into auditioning for commercials as a way to supplement income and get experience. I love when my actors call me after their commercial auditions to describe what crazy things they had to do to convince the casting director and clients (advertising execs, brand execs) that they were right for the role. I also know that the commercial industry is a high volume, super fast-paced, high-stake industry, so when I was introduced to Laurie Records, I couldn’t wait to ask her all the juicy questions. Laurie is such a joy to be around and I can see why her great reputation precedes her. She’s a beautiful, intelligent woman running her own commercial casting business with McDonalds, SONY, Nike, Jet Blue, Infiniti, Range Rover, Toyota, FedEx and American Express being a few of the campaigns on her resume. Since we’re both DTLA residents, we met at my new favorite restaurant, Manuela, and got to talking…

Farrah West, Actors For Lunch

Farrah West: Casting Director

How a casting director goes through thousands of submissions, what it’s like casting for LOST and how to stand out in auditions

Farrah West is a casting director in Los Angeles with projects like LOST, What About Brian and dozens of feature films on her ever-growing resume. She has impeccable taste in talent especially because she recently cast one of my actors, Tom Plumley, as the lead actor in Max Reload and the Nether Blasters, a super fun, adventurous video-game feature film that’s currently filming in Phoenix, Arizona. Working with Farrah on casting my actor was easy and exciting, which isn’t always a given in our bottom-line-obsessed industry. I could tell she took a deep interest in protecting the talent while also being passionate about the project and its possibilities. I was so excited when Farrah wanted to sit down and be interviewed on Actors For Lunch—check it out!

Bonnie Gillespie

Bonnie Gillespie: Career Coach

The secret language casting directors use, how to identify your bullseye and why you shouldn’t use another actor as your description

I stumbled upon Bonnie Gillespie’s book, Self-Management for Actors, several years ago when researching literature I could recommend to my actors about showbiz and their careers. Immediately after reading SMFA, I knew I found the holy grail and have been raving about it to actors ever since. It’s a complete how-to for actors in any medium, any location. Going from a child actor, to an adult actor, to a journalist interviewing hundreds of casting directors for Backstage and then a casting director herself, Bonnie has collected and published incredible wisdom into several books. Today, she casts independent projects and coaches actors on how to tackle the business most effectively. Join me in learning more about how Bonnie is demystifying this business by bringing her knowledge of the industry front and center.