Actors For Lunch- Amy Lyndon

Amy Lyndon: Acting Teacher

The talented actor, the motivated artist and how to be both

Amy Lyndon is an acting teacher, studio owner and author of The Lyndon Technique. I’ve come to know her through many of my actors who have raved about her teaching method and classes. As a booking coach, Amy has over 40 network series regulars and thousands of working actors around the world. Besides her amazing ability to make my actors book, she’s possibly the most entertaining person to be around. She knows the facts of the business and doesn’t bullshit, so if you can handle truth, you’ll fully enjoy this lively, proud, slightly eccentric Hollywood woman. On a rare rainy day in North Hollywood, after catching up about the terrible dating scene in LA, we finally got to business…

Bonnie Gillespie

Bonnie Gillespie: Career Coach

The secret language casting directors use, how to identify your bullseye and why you shouldn’t use another actor as your description

I stumbled upon Bonnie Gillespie’s book, Self-Management for Actors, several years ago when researching literature I could recommend to my actors about showbiz and their careers. Immediately after reading SMFA, I knew I found the holy grail and have been raving about it to actors ever since. It’s a complete how-to for actors in any medium, any location. Going from a child actor, to an adult actor, to a journalist interviewing hundreds of casting directors for Backstage and then a casting director herself, Bonnie has collected and published incredible wisdom into several books. Today, she casts independent projects and coaches actors on how to tackle the business most effectively. Join me in learning more about how Bonnie is demystifying this business by bringing her knowledge of the industry front and center.