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Watching My Friends Succeed

Watching My Friends Succeed

WRITTEN BY AMELIA BRANTLEY A few years ago, I was dating this guy who was a struggling actor like me. He was good looking, charming, and funny and I totally fell for him. About a month into our relationship,...

Actors For Lunch- Soul

Mind, Body, Soul for the Actor- Part III

WRITTEN BY AMELIA BRANTLEY Who else remembers their first day in LA (or New York or Atlanta or Chicago or wherever you may be reading this from)? I remember mine pretty well. I remember staring at the palm trees...

Actors For Lunch- Body

Mind, Body, Soul for the Actor: Part II

WRITTEN BY AMELIA BRANTLEY Part 2 of my series is all about the body. 'Body' is a lot of things. It’s a balance of healthy eating and exercise and rest. We need to take care of our bodies not...

Actors For Lunch

Mind, Body, Soul for the Actor: Part I

WRITTEN BY AMELIA BRANTLEY New year. New me. New blog. That’s my 2019 mantra, and in that vein, I’m going to kick off this week’s writing venture with a three-part series (fair warning, I LOVE three-part blogs). I’m calling...


Self-Awareness and Personality

When I think about an actor who will have mass national or international appeal, I consider 3 things: their talent, their looks, and their personality. (For personal business interactions with that actor I have more criteria like their business...


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