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Aaron Guest- Actors For Lunch

Navigating Expectations As An Artist

The #FridayFrenchFry is a column written by Anna Lewkowska or actors in the industry, sharing quick, personal stories while pursuing Hollywood dreams.   Welcome actor & writer, Aaron Guest...   When I first started in this industry, my agent...

Friday French Fry #4

Resolve & Obsessive Determination

"There is a certain resolve that a person must have to persist at something that seems intangible at times." Steve Carell, The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide When I read this, I thought, “Steve, why’d you steal my quote?”...


You’ll Never Know How I Truly Feel

When it comes to the relationships with my clients, they’re founded on the basis of business. We come together for the purpose of establishing and attaining career goals with obvious financial benefits for both parties. But being a talent...


Self-Awareness and Personality

When I think about an actor who will have mass national or international appeal, I consider 3 things: their talent, their looks, and their personality. (For personal business interactions with that actor I have more criteria like their business...

Fear and Letting Go- Actors For Lunch

Fear and Letting Go

"HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY TO ALL! May we eventually live in a world where every nation recognizes that women's rights are human rights!" Welcome! Hey guys, it's me, Anna. I’ve decided to start weekly posts that I will call...


As a talent manager in Los Angeles, Anna Lewkowska eats, sleeps, and breathes actors. Join her as she interviews some of her industry peers over Hollywood’s favorite meal- lunch! Plus, other weekly advice and insights for the successful actor, written by Anna and other industry insiders.

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