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Amelia Brantley

Amelia Brantley

Amelia Brantley is an LA-based actor/writer. In 2017, she founded a non-profit called 'Sessions' which produces two industry showcases a year geared towards helping the industry discover new talent. When she isn't writing her next show or auditioning or on set, she is the assistant to an incredibly talented photographer, Joanna DeGeneres. Yes, it's the best actor-day-job on the planet.
Actors For Lunch

Mind, Body, Soul for the Actor: Part I

New year. New me. New blog. That’s my 2019 mantra, and in that vein, I’m going to kick off this week’s writing venture with a three-part series (fair warning, I LOVE three-part blogs). I’m calling it 'Mind, Body,...


5 Tricks To Combating Audition Nerves

True story: One time, I was auditioning for an indie feature at CAZT on Formosa and I was so nervous, the director stopped me halfway through the audition and asked me to do it without the sides because...


As a talent manager in Los Angeles, Anna Lewkowska eats, sleeps, and breathes actors. Join her as she interviews some of her industry peers over Hollywood’s favorite meal- lunch! Plus, other weekly advice and insights for the successful actor, written by Anna and other industry insiders.

(Disclaimer: No actors were hurt in the creation of this blog.)