Talent Manager Anna Lewkowska

Talent Manager Anna, 2021

GOOD MORNING FEBRUARY 2021 (One should assume any gap in the schedule is filled with doing breakdowns, pitch calls & emails, following up on calls & emails, reading parts of scripts, handling auditions, and social media. That is always...

10 Things I Consider Before Signing an Actor

10 Things I Consider Before Signing an Actor

As a talent manager, I’m often asked the same questions about what I do. How did you get into management? Who do you represent that I know? What’s it like working with actors? I’ve answered these queries hundreds of...

Actors For Lunch

Dear Parents of Child Actors

WRITTEN BY GUEST WRITER, BRI CURTIS, DDO ARTISTS AGENCY, KIDS DIVISION Dear Parents of Child Actors, It’s time to be said: We're interviewing you, too. It’s common to assume that your child’s meeting with an agency is all about,...

Second Quarter- Actors For Lunch

The Actor’s Second Quarter

Ah, it’s finally spring! The sun is out longer, the weather is warmer, and we can all breathe a little deeper now that pilot season is done. Hopefully your taxes are in and you’re looking ahead to the coming...


The Truth About Dropping Clients

It’s coming closer to a time of year when things are finally slowing down and some tough decisions have to be made. Pilot season was hectic, fact-paced, and jam-packed with long hours, and now agents and managers are looking...


You’ll Never Know How I Truly Feel

When it comes to the relationships with my clients, they’re founded on the basis of business. We come together for the purpose of establishing and attaining career goals with obvious financial benefits for both parties. But being a talent...

Pilot Season- Actors For Lunch

How Agents & Managers Work During Pilot Season

I’m assuming you already know what pilot season is. But do you know how your agents and managers work during this time? You probably hear about the long office hours and crazy days. You may have even been told...

Talent Manager Anna

Talent Manager Anna, 2017

As a talent manager in Los Angeles, my calendar is full of scheduled lunches with every type of person in the Hollywood industry. We eat (mostly) good food and talk about actors–and perhaps, a few other things, too. Join...


Anna Lewkowska eats, sleeps, and breathes actors. Join her as she interviews some of her industry peers over Hollywood’s favorite meal- lunch! Plus, other savory advice 🍽 Dig in!