Acting Teachers

Actors For Lunch- Killian

Killian McHugh: Commercial Acting Teacher

Commercial acting techniques and the fight for what’s right

On another sunny and beautiful Los Angeles afternoon, I was headed to meet with Killian McHugh, owner of Killian’s Workshop. It’s the go-to acting school for anyone interested in learning the unique skillset necessary to book a Pepsi or Kleenex commercial. Although we’ve never met before, I’ve been sending actors his way for years, as it’s almost a rule in Hollywood that when you take a class with Killian, you book a commercial. (I want actors that book commercials!) So I was excited to finally meet the man behind this frenzy to discuss how he became such a standout in his field. I wanted to know what made a commercial actor book and if it was really a craft that could be learned and improved. I also wanted to discuss Killian’s recent public stand against so many of the ads that are non-union. He’s been actively pursuing SAG-AFTRA for answers and coming up with solutions on how to make lasting, positive change. I was proud to hear his passion on the issue which effects so many in Hollywood. Please join me in reading about Killian McHugh and the fight for what’s right.

Actors For Lunch- Amy Lyndon

Amy Lyndon: Acting Teacher

The talented actor, the motivated artist and how to be both

Amy Lyndon is an acting teacher, studio owner and author of The Lyndon Technique. I’ve come to know her through many of my actors who have raved about her teaching method and classes. As a booking coach, Amy has over 40 network series regulars and thousands of working actors around the world. Besides her amazing ability to make my actors book, she’s possibly the most entertaining person to be around. She knows the facts of the business and doesn’t bullshit, so if you can handle truth, you’ll fully enjoy this lively, proud, slightly eccentric Hollywood woman. On a rare rainy day in North Hollywood, after catching up about the terrible dating scene in LA, we finally got to business…

Zak Barnett, John Rushing

Zak Barnett & John Rushing: Acting Teachers

How spirituality ties into acting, the traits that make an actor successful and how online casting changed the industry


When deciding what kind of Hollywood professional I wanted to interview for my first blog post, I immediately thought to start with the foundation of the industry: the craft of acting. Without it, what could Hollywood ever be? So, to answer my questions about what acting is and what makes an actor good, I thought of Zak Barnett, teacher and studio-owner of Zak Barnett Studios. He’s digging deeper with his ‘Spirituality, Entertainment, Activism’ approach to the art. Also joining us for our mid-day meal was John Rushing, teacher and new Director of Development at ZBS. What I thought would be a simple lunch interview about acting and actors, turned into a profoundly informative, philosophical and open dialogue uncovering new layers to something I thought I knew all about. Find out how actors really transform into some of your most beloved characters with Zak Barnett and John Rushing here.